Don’t Dump That Jar! Here Are 15 Incredible Uses For Pickle Juice You Never Knew Existed!

Pickles are one of those foods that either people love or don’t and if you’re in the “love” crowd, you’re going to find this article pretty interesting.

If you’re a “don’t,” that’s fine, too – you’re about to find out why you should at least be more open to pickles, or at least, their juice.

It’s been known for years that pickle juice has a lot of benefits but you may not have known what exactly those benefits are.

We’re here to tell you 15 surprising uses for pickle juice you probably didn’t know about. But remember: if you need to watch your sodium intake due to kidney issues, high blood pressure, or another health condition, check with your doctor before ingesting pickle juice!

1. Weed Killer


The mixture of vinegar and salt kills weeds almost instantly, so pour some pickle juice into a spray bottle and spray those weeds away!

2. Pickle Anything


If you enjoy pickled foods, put carrots, eggs, peppers or anything you fancy into the pickle-less jar and let it brine for a few days.

3. Deviled Eggs


For an added kick to your deviled eggs, pour a tablespoon of pickle juice into the mashed yolks.