Hidden Cameras Catch What Animals Do When They Don’t Know We’re Watching!

Surveillance cameras are used everywhere these days mainly for security and safety purposes.

If someone is vandalizing your property, you may feel inclined to set a camera up to find out who is egging your house or TP-ing your yard and catch the perp on video for the police.

You may even set up a nanny cam to make sure your little one isn’t getting into anything that will cause his peanut allergy to be triggered.

Hunting enthusiasts set up cameras along trails and by deer stands and feeders so they can see what kinds of animals they’re really dealing with.

People sometimes get more than they bargained for, but in this particular case, they get way more than they ever dreamed possible.

The following 15 photos are screengrabs from outdoor security footage that show what animals really  do when humans aren’t around.

Double The Trouble

Not only does this trail cam show an elusive buffalo, it also shows the buffalo giving a wild cat a ride!



This raccoon has one of the best photobombs you will ever see.



This is a lot of deer. All staring at the camera. For some creepy reason. Think we’ll pass this herd up.


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