Husband Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime When Wife Gives Him A Mysterious Box

Thanks to YouTube and Pinterest, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to announce the arrival of a new baby. From opening up giant boxes filled with gender-specific colored balloons to making a surprise pregnancy announcement in a photo booth (while being captured on film), there is no shortage in the amount of creativity involved in announcing big news.

And when you hear about how one woman surprised her husband with the news of their newborn baby, you’ll absolutely melt over how creative her heartwarming surprise was.

After Mesha dropped her husband Tyrone Purnell off at the airport for an international flight, little did they both know she would go into labor later that night. Rather than tell her beloved husband the news right away, Mesha decided to surprise her husband with the announcement in a very special way.

When Tyrone returned home after five days, Mesha was ready with the camera and their son to capture the unsuspecting new father’s incredible reaction. And once you see his loving response,  you’ll probably feel warm and fuzzy all over.

Congratulations Mesha, for pulling off one of the biggest surprises ever!

When Tyrone Purnell Came Home After A Trip Abroad, He Never Expected His Wife’s Surprise


When His Wife Told Him To Open The Box, He Was Stunned


It Was In That Moment He Knew Exactly What The Surprise Was


After His Wife Went Into Labor The Same Night She Took Him To The Airport, Mesha Couldn’t Wait To Announce The News To The New Dad In The Best Way Ever



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