Orphan With Painful Skin Condition That Makes Him “Look Like A Fish” Finds Forever Grandmother

People can be cruel as it is but it’s even worse when the target of their cruelty is a sick child.

Thankfully, there are kind, compassionate, loving people out there that see past outward appearances and accept the child for the beautiful human they really are.


Min Anh is a Vietnamese orphan who suffers from the genetic disease ichthyosis. Ichthyosis causes his skin to look like fish scales which is why this young man was given the nickname “Cá” which means “fish.”


Min Anh’s skin is so painful and uncomfortable that he couldn’t stop clawing and scratching at his skin. The orphanage where he has lived for all of his life began tying him to his bed for hours to keep him from scratching himself.



When Min Anh was three years old, his orphanage was visited by a British woman visiting children with birth defects and disabilities caused by the aftereffects of chemicals used during the Vietnam War.

A chance meeting changed Min Anh’s life forever.

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