Need A Last-Minute Halloween Costume? Try One Of These Punny Ideas!

Halloween is just a few weeks away but you still may not have the slightest idea of what your costume is going to be for the party you’ve agreed to go to.

You might even be at such a loss for inspiration you may skip it entirely.


There are tons of costume ideas out there that don’t require too much effort or money to put together.

The best part is some of them aren’t amazing because of the costume itself but because of the clever pun behind it.

Like one of these…

A holy cow, a ceiling fan, a deviled egg, a nap queen, and a copy cat walk into a bar… #punnyhalloween

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This is a lot of ideas in one post: a holy cow, a ceiling fan, a deviled egg, a nap queen, and a copycat.


Wonder (bread) Woman to the rescue! #happyhalloween #punnycostume

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Wonder Woman costumes can be found anywhere right now thanks to Gal Gadot and her summer blockbuster, but you can stand out by being “Wonder Bread Woman.”

Fantasy football!!!! #punnyhalloween #brooklynnites #sosaditsonlyonceayear

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This one may need a little explaining to people because something with Harry Potter or wizards may be their first guess, but it’s the fall which means football and the popularity of fantasy football, so why not go for 2 and score with this idea?

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