After Vet Was Fired For Attending The Birth Of His Son, Something Incredible Happened

When Lamar Austin’s wife Lyndsay went into labor New Year’s weekend with their son, Cainan, he was committed to being there for his wife and new baby. As her labor carried on through the weekend, he continued to update his boss at the part-time on-call security job he just started, to let him know he wouldn’t be able to make it.

His boss told him he was on thin ice and had better be at work the next day by eight o’clock, so Lamar was faced with a difficult decision: either keep his new job or be present for the birth of his son.

When the military veteran didn’t go in to work, he told the Concord Monitor he was sent a text message on New Year’s Day around 1 a.m. that said: “As of now, you are terminated.”

“I just responded, ‘OK,’” he said. “I was in the hospital, it was a long night and I wasn’t trying to argue with nobody about a job while my wife was in labour.”

The happiness the couple felt about the arrival of their bundle of joy was dampened when Lamar was fired the same day. But the community rallied behind him when the news got wind of his story. Sara Persechino, a paid family leave activist, started a GoFundMe account to help alleviate any medical expenses the family wouldn’t be able to cover based on his unemployment situation.

Currently, donations have flooded in to the amount of $6502, a blessing for the family of four. Lamar has also received several job offers from local businesses.

The family recently posted a message on the GoFundMe website that said: “We just want to say thank you for everyone who helped out and pitched in anything. God will bless you all like he has blessed us. We also want to send a special thanks to Sara Persechino for having a warm heart to do this for a complete stranger. It is highly appreciated by our family.” -The Austin Family

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